To the first independent green production capacity platform for buyers, sellers of green Hydrogen, e-Methanol, Bio-Methanol, hydrogenous Ammonia, Bio-Ethanol, SAF and eFuels. We build long lasting green value- and supply chains and de-risk your green fuel – energy project. So no day to day trading or spot pricing is a hinder for your ROI. As a marketing-, business development partner, we and our global business partners think and act for a faster, closed-loop CO2 net zero future.

Our solid planning and business continuity process is aggregating USPs and brings green hubs internationally to an unrivaled competitive USP. Let us accompany you to a clean and safer sourcing of your fuel and energy. We are active in EU countries, North-Africa, LATAM region and North-America.

With our GREEN-SEA, GREEN-PORT, GREEN-AIRPORT initiative, we focus on a faster, green, sustainable industries, so we can keep our oceans and air clean. Green fuels value- and supply chains with smart processes will bring us environmental friendly products, services and productions.

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We bring you off-takers, logistics –
and have green suppliers for you

As an energy PV or wind power company you plan your green molecule plant, we can assist. Consider us as your commercial project partner for lowering costs with shared infrastructures, grids, deep-sea fleets, bunkering. Please click on H2-Sell or Partner-Program.

We are a member of the European Clean Energy Alliance, Global Waste Cleaning Network GWCN and other green energy associations.


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