H2 Partner Program

Munich, March 9th, 2022. Today HY-EU started its international partner program to boost the ramp up of Hydrogen and the seamless decarbonization within the European Union. Unlike Silver, Gold green Hydrogen is not a commodity trading product.

It requires technical and economical planning, so your investment or energy transition will not fall short. Also HY-EU is a neutral partnering platform and covers nearly the entire value chain for producers and B2B customers. Currently, we are active in EU, US, CAN, AUS and in some parts of LATAM.

Our business partners are large volume producers of Hydrogen, regional H2-Micro-Clusters as well as industrial grade biomass H2-producers, storage partners. As an international or EU based logistic partner you can assist us with our import business. As a distribution partner you may want to add green Hydrogen to your product portfolio.

As a PV/solar, wind-park or off-shore wind-park consider us the ideal starting point for a competitive Power-to-X strategy.

As a technical integration partner in the H2-business you can assist us with fine-tuning the economic aspects with your or our projects. You already have your best technical configuration in place? No problem – lets talk about competitiveness of your Hydrogen production and how to reach remote H2 markets.

HY-EU covers the trading of your H2 production capacities, over-stock or required H2 demand. This way, you stay focus on your core industry 4.0.

Let us show you your advantage with a business partnership. Get in contact with us today!