Green Molecules: Buy

Not every company needs to produce their own green, renewable hydrogen or energy for decarbonization. Our EU project & supply platform offers you a secure access to available and upcoming green volumes of Hydrogen, clean Ammonia, green Methanol, SAF, eJet fuel for purchase. Our provided supply chain includes various certified sources within EU/Americas/Africa and large volume importers. So your company can focus on their core business rather than rely on day to day price fluctuations.

Green volumes for mid size companies are starting at a 5 year minimum off-take.

Reliable planning, flexible,
independent from a single supply

Larger industry companies we can provide an infrastructure plan to tap a nearby or upcoming dedicated pipeline. This will result in the best business continuity momentum for your production. We provide you with extended business continuity factors incl. technical grid connection, H2 storage, electricity balancing, industrial heat appliances as well as your market competitiveness in our focus. With our initiatives, and we are enhancing green maritime and green aviation hubs.

For larger quantities a mid- to long term agreement is required. Get in contact with us today!

Our sources include central production facilities with access to various grids and storages.