Green Molecules: Sell

Your company already is producing green Hydrogen, other green molecules or is planning to ramp up a local production?

As a service, we show you options to reduce your required overall capex investment and how to keep your financial flexibility. We open you new sales channels, so you can keep your focus on your core business. We provide additional momentum to the CO2 decarbonization of Europe. As a Hydrogen producer, industry cluster or energy-group we are your ideal partner for projects, trading towards a more complete and risk-free value chain.

Our project- & trading platform is your independent show-room to the B2B energy market.

Focus on production,
flexibility, safer deal flow

Our finance partners support you in the planning, operating of central and de-central production facilities. Our logistic partners provide the best-of-market suitable infrastructure to support your production, storage, distribution and application of green Hydrogen.

Get in touch with us. Please register with us by filling out a profile contact form. We integrate your H2 production volume with mid- to large size buyers, matching their technical and market needs. This leads into advanced planning capabilities and a more reliable supply value chain. We find the appropriate energy partner and logistic chain for you.

Your advantage

  • Planning and guaranteed off-takes with a longer agreement period
  • Seamless integration of H2 logistic partners (ship, pipeline, trailer) –
  • Financial flexibility by volume- and scenario based pre-bookings and reserved production capacities
  • Direct B2B customer relationships
  • Reduced technical complexity
  • Business continuity & backup supply-chains
  • Complete off-takes with our white-label purchase services