About Us

This project platform of green molecule products connects buyers, sellers, storage- shipping partners well as energy grid partners.

To us Hydrogen is highly-valuable CO2-free or CO2-neutral industrial base. Unlike conventional trading in the oil- & gas industry, our core business is not to buy-low and sell-high. Instead we bring in additional value- and supply chain options. Therefore, we are building markets.

Hydrogen is the future to European mid-size and North American companies, large industrial groups including their supply-chain towards an independent energy cycle. For achieving a maximum of efficiency the complete value chain has to be carefully considered. This way it is possible to build a fossil energy free future. Only then your company will remain at a competetive level. We strongly believe a faster ramp-up of 550+ GW in H2 production capacity in Europe is possible. This requires so-called inter-connectors like us. The funding by EU investors can trigger an initial start to the H2 economy but cannot be the economic base of such.

Our services and products are based on central and/or de-central production cycles. Business-Continuity scenarios to overcome a suddenly arising shortages or technical issues can be addressed by applying our project services.

We consider our services as the linking momentum for a faster, production-type independent link in the EU energy marketplace. Of course, HY-EU is not a competitor to conventional H2-sellers. Grey Hydrogen with CO2 caption or day trading is not our business. Industrial biomass H2 production is short-term available solution to close the energy gap. We have the right partners for you. Our business model is fee and % sales volume based.

The mobility within the European region is important to us. A very high percentage of CO2 is emitted by a small group of industries. To speed up the decarbonization we are including the full supply chains in your supply and demand planning from the very beginning. A really green product or service requires a green logistic network.


Dieter Hesse (Founder / CEO)